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Are you licensed in North Carolina?
Yes - We have a North Carolina General Contractors License #39427.

Do you carry insurance?
Yes - We are fully insured.  We have both Worker's Compensation insurance and General Liability insurance.

What is the importance of a roofing contractor being insured?
- If a worker is injured while working on your property, you could be liable to pay for injuries if the contractor does
not have worker's compensation insurance.
- If the contractor damages your property or damages occur while a contractor is working on your property and the
contractor does not have general liability insurance you and your insurance company could have to pay for any

How long will my roof last?
Shingle warranties vary from 20 years to Limited LIfetime.  We would be happy to do a consultation to help you
make your decision.

Is a lighter shingle color cooler than a dark shingle color?
The color of the shingle does effect the temperature of the surface of a roof.  
"The temperature on the surface of a roof with light-colored shingles, compared to one with dark-colored shingles,
can vary by as much as 40 degrees.
This does not mean, however, that the selection of a lighter or darker shingle color will significantly affect attic
temperature.  Light-colored shingles are often thought to result in lower attic temperatures; for this reason, white is
commonly used in warmer climates.  However, the interior attic temperature should be affected very little if
is in place.  With the CertainTeed recommended system of ventilation - a combination of ridge vents and
soffit vents on a roof system with a pitch of 3/12 or better - much of the heat conducted through the roof deck will
be forced up and out of the attic.  Temperature can be reduced as much as 20 degrees .  In addition, there will be
even less effect on living space heat load if the proper amount of ceiling insulation is used."

Is ventilation important?
Yes - Shingle manufacturer's require that roof systems in which shingles are installed meet HUD or local building
code standards for ventilation.  If not, the shingle warranty terms may be void in whole or in part.  
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