Dowless Roofing and Metal, Inc.
"Established in 1946"
111 Old Eastwood Road
Wilmington, NC  28403
910-791-0750  FAX
How do you protect my shrubbery?
We use a combination of different size tarps to prevent most nails from getting between or in your shrubbery.

What about all those nails that come off the roof?
Any nails that may get past our tarps will be picked up with a magnet.

What happens if it rains while you are working?
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, therefore, we pay close attention to the weather forecast so that
we do not compromise your home's interior.  Despite our best efforts to predict the weather, thunderstorms do arise
that we are able to handle with tarps and other preventable materials.

Will I need to be home while the work is going on?
No - a foreman supervises work whether you are home or away.

Do you play loud music?
No - we try to be considerate to our customers and their neighbors, therefore, we do no play loud music on our job
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